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  • Includes all 3 episodes


  • Latest version of GZDoom in hardware-rendering mode*

  • Doom 2 IWAD  (DOOM2.WAD)  by id Software

* Software rendering is not supported by Doom Returns.



Version 3.0  (FULL RELEASE)


  • Full release

  • Debut of Episode 3: Descent into Darkness

  • Various updates and improvements to the first two episodes  (some described in this list)

  • Map 5  (Unholy Citadel)  has been significantly repolished visually, not because it needed it, but because it's one of our favorite levels and we decided to give it some extra love.

  • Map 14  (Skyscraper)  has a much more interesting final battle on the roof.

  • Map 33  (Bowling)  has a much more interesting final battle in the parking lot.

  • If you exit map 5, 15, 25, 31, 33, or 35 without activating the secret level / super secret level that comes after it, you are taken to a room with two teleporters to offer you one more chance to play that secret level because we worked really hard on them and don't want people to skip them :)

  • Light Goggles have been replaced with a new powerup called the Torch, which lights up the area around you for 60 seconds.

  • Berserk has been replaced with the Quad Damage, which makes damage from all weapons increased by 4x for 30 seconds.

  • The length of the Invulnerability has been lengthened to 60 seconds. This is mainly due to compensate for the average level length being longer than most original Doom levels.

  • Spider Masterminds and Cyberdemons are now vulnerable to radius damage from explosions but only take half damage from them. This makes the rocket launcher more useful against them, but not by too much.

  • Spider Masterminds and Cyberdemons now take less damage from the BFG spray because their size made them exceptionally vulnerable to the tracers when the BFG was fired very close to them. This increases their difficulty slightly.

  • Intermission "story" text has been shortened so we could add tips for each level and a little bit of background from a developer/designer perspective

  • For those interested in modding/coding/scripting, the PK3 file has been made more user-friendly to explore, especially the DECORATE and ACS library files and the content they contain. All of the code/scripting has been repolished, organized better, and made simpler in many cases. Unfortunately, comments are rare due to time constraints. But the code itself reads much easier and is more intuitive, which has the same  (or better)  effect as adding comments would have.

Version 2.2


  • Changed rotation of thing groups teleported by TeleportGroup to account for the rotation bug fix in GZDoom 4.8.x

  • Made prologues skippable by holding down the left mouse button or spacebar for 2 seconds (instead of instaneously)

  • Removed crouching ability

  • Various improvements to automap display for all maps, specifically sectors and linedefs to be shown or not shown

  • Tons of miscellaneous fixes and improvements to all levels

Version 2.1


  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0


  • Initial release of Episode 2  (MAP10 thru MAP20, plus two new secret levels on MAP33 and MAP34)

  • Additional fixes and improvements to Episode 1

Version 1.1


  • Added new features, fixes, and improvements to Episode 1

  • Added a preview of Episode 2

Version 1.0


  • Initial release of Episode 1  (MAP01 thru MAP10, plus two secret levels on MAP31 and MAP32)

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